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Carved Iron Rooster Metal Sculpture Home Decor Animal Craft Iron Art Gift



This iron rooster has a strong and vigorous shape, looks extremely high-spirited. However there is nothing to be surprised about, after all, it is a delicate artwork handmade and welded by professional artists!

Overall the rooster has a handsome and strong shape and powerful feeling. Bright red comb raises up straight, together with the strong body, impress people with its healthiness and magnificence;

To enhance the space sense of design, the abdomen area applied hollow out design: the carved patterns are astonishing that gives the rooster an incomparable sense of art.

The exaggerated big tail raises up high, giving the rooster full momentum and dynamic styling. Moreover, it can also be removed. What an extraordinary finishing touch!

Such a handsome big rooster, no matter where it is placed, it is a stylish and eye-catchy treasure!

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